Best Suet Recipe!

We’ve been fans of Bob and Martha Sargent and the Hummer/Bird Study Group for many years.  They are hummingbird and bird banders from Alabama, and we’ve been on the speaker line-up with them at the Rockport-Fulton Texas HummerBird Celebration several times.  They truly love birds and have dedicated many years to training banders and helping birds through their research.  Besides that, they’re also fun people to hang out with and talk about birds!

Here at Daybreak Imagery, we’ve been feeding Martha’s Super Suet Recipe to our birds this winter and it’s been a huge hit.  Martha has graciously given us permission to share it with you.

Martha’s Super Suet

1 Cup of Crunchy Peanut Butter

2 Cups of Quick Cook Oats

2 Cups of Cornmeal

1 Cup of Lard (not shortening)

1 Cup of regular white flour

Melt lard and peanut butter in the microwave or over low heat.  Stir in remaining ingredients and pour (or spoon) into square freezer containers about ½” thick to fit into your suet basket.  Store in freezer or refrigerator until ready to use.  This makes 6-8 cakes.

You can also freeze it into thicker “logs” and slice later into sizes to fit your suet baskets.  We’ve been crumbling it into bits and putting them on tray feeders for the birds during the ice/snow lately.

Let us know if you’d like a recipe for a larger batch that makes 32 cakes, and we’ll post that on our blog later.

We’re members of the Hummer/Bird Study Group and enjoy reading about their fascinating research in their newsletter.  You can learn more about the Hummer/Bird Study Group here:

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